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A Place of No History in Angola

In the framework of the CURRENTS research programme, I produced a video clip based on the research I have been conducting in southern Angola. It is a reflection on “places of no history”, using a place called Tundavala (Huíla) as starting point. Tundavala is a deep cliff of about 1200 meters, with stunning views of the Namibe plateau. Today, it is praised for its touristic potential and biological characteristics, which have spurred a process of heritagization. However, Tundavala also carries a darker history, for it is where several opponents of the current regime were executed throughout the 1970s and 1980s. This history, however, is hidden from the public transcript.

Audio and video editing/mixing by Ana Rita Matias

Photos by Ruy Llera Blanes @ 2015

Music: “Mon Ami”, by Lurdes van Dúnem / N’gola Ritmos; “N’zagi”, by N’Gola Ritmos.