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Ethnography and the Mutualizing Utopia

Special Issue, edited with Maïté Maskens, on Ethnography and the Mutualizing Utopia, published at the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online New Series, Volume VIII, no. 1, 2016 (Open Access).


Maïté Maskens and Ruy Blanes, Introduction: ethnography and the mutualizing Utopia, 125-142

Valerio Simoni, Ethnography, mutuality, and the utopia of love and friendship in touristic Cuba, 143-167

Sergio González Varela and José Luis Pérez Flores, Re-inventing culture: utopian indigenous Otomí idealism in Mexico and its exotic anthropological  expectations, 168-189

Rodolfo Maggio, The unbearable possibility of fieldwork: ethnographic dilemmas, moral laboratories and narrative phenomenology, 190-206

Marie-Pierre Gibert, Was Fourier’s joy in work so utopic? Researching work and pleasure in the 21st century, 207-229

Albert Piette and Gwendoline Torterat, A hominist manifesto: anthropology, utopia and ethics, 230-250

Karen Waltorp, A Snapshot essay on mutuality, utopia, and non-innocent conversations, 251-273

Ramon Sarró, Afterword. Island and mountain: reflections on utopia as a  point of view, 274-282